Whatsapp Plus Apk Crashed – What Your Instant Messenger Isn’t Telling You

Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messengers on the Internet. In fact it has been the most popular mobile phone app in Europe. It was originally designed to provide easy communication between people in close proximity and has come a long way since then. It is now one of the most advanced instant messengers in the world and also features a powerful application that allows you to download any Whatsapp Plus apk from the internet.

What You Didn’t Know

The instant messenger is one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family members who live far away. But there are some problems associated with this kind of communication. When you use the internet, you expose your personal details online. If someone gets hold of these details, they can do things like access your bank account information or steal your credit card information. The thing that makes it even more worrying is that criminals will often use your personal information to gain access to your account. Check Log in whatsapp plus and gb whats app download.

To avoid this problem and to be protected by your instant messenger, you need to download an app called Whatsapp. This application is known as the free version and you should always make sure that it is kept up to date and working properly. This means that the latest versions will always have all of the latest security features. If you download this application from anywhere else other than its official website, you could be putting your identity at risk. You should also not use this application on unsecured networks. Make sure that the internet connection you are using is reliable. Check Free whats app web.

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How to Uninstall the MX Player App – For iPhone

MX Player App For iPhone

Many people are wondering how to uninstall the MX Player app for iPhone. Well, the reason why there are a lot of people asking this question is because many people have problems with this particular application.

This particular app has been designed by the famous multimedia software company, Media Utilities, and they are known to have a lot of amazing applications available for their customers, which are mostly developed by them.You can also know about how to download mx player app 2020 and how to download mx player for pc.


If you are going to uninstall the MX Player app, you should take note of a few things first. The main reason why this particular application is getting a lot of negative attention from Apple’s developers is because it uses a lot of unauthorized third-party programs inside of it. These programs are designed to make the software experience much better for the users of the application, but this is not something that Apple actually allows.

Apple has recently released a patch for this particular program, which makes sure that it cannot do any of the unauthorized things that it did. However, a lot of people are still having problems with this particular application, and this is why so many people are wondering how to uninstall the MX Player app for iPhone. The answer to this question is pretty simple.

The way that you can uninstall this particular program is by using a software called Xoftspyse, which is a program that is developed by Apple themselves. You should use this software because this program will be able to easily get rid of a lot of the programs that are being used on this particular application.

Xoftspyse is not a paid application by Apple, so you should download this application to your computer right now if you want to know how to uninstall the MX Player app for iPhone. Once you install this software onto your computer, then you should be able to easily get rid of a lot of the unauthorized programs that are inside of the software, as well as a lot of the viruses that were left behind by the hackers who created this application. Once all of those programs have been removed, you should be able to use the software on your iPhone to successfully get rid of the program. For more information go to the mx player official website.


How to Download the MXplayer App and Custom Codec

MXplayer App and Custom Codec

A lot of people like to download and use the MXPlayer application for their MP3 players. This is because of the way the MXplayer player is built. It has its own proprietary codec, which allows it to play all of the different kinds of audio files, whether they are from MP3 players to computer speakers or portable music players. So it can be downloaded by people who want to take advantage of this feature.

What You Wanted To Know

People can also get the MXplayer software for their computers and use it as well, but they have to have the right kind of MP3 player on their computer. The MXplayer application is only for computers that have the ability to run Windows. The MXplayer player, which can be found free on many sites, does not work well on Macs or Linux computers. If you are trying to use the application for a Mac or Linux computer, you may want to consider downloading a custom codec. This way, you can make your MP3 playing experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Custom models are often better than the standard ones, and they will allow you to use the right type of player, even if you have a different operating system. This will make the MXplayer application even more useful to you, since you will have the ability to use one application with your MP3 player and another application with your computer, which you can share with others.


There are many websites out there that offer the MXplayer application free of charge. If you search for them online, you can usually find several of them. You can usually download these programs so you can try it out for yourself. This is a great way to see how it works and to see what else you can do with it. Also check mx player video playing app, download mx player pro apk and mx player official website.

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Grammarly Review 2019: Is Grammarly the Best Writing Assistant?

Grammarly Review 2019: We have tested Grammarly for a few weeks and here’s what we have to say about this online writing assistant.

Grammarly Review 2019

I’m pretty sure you have heard about Grammarly many times. From what I have heard in the past, it is said to be the best grammar checking tool you can get in the market. So we did our research to prove how great this app is.

But let me first introduce Grammarly to those who are new to this tool.

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Grammarly Review 2019

Using a Premium version of Grammarly up to now does not make me regret paying the amount. Getting a free is just fine especially if you only need basic editing. But for bloggers like me, paying is all worth it!

Grammarly is indeed the best writing tool in the world as we have compared it to other proofreading tools while writing this article. Though quite expensive, this tool deserves all your trust and loyalty.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a proofreading tool that you can access online and offline. It has free and paid versions.

Getting a premium account on Grammarly will unlock all of its features and functionalities. While using a free version, you only have access to the basic editing features of Grammarly.

There are three Grammarly apps available for PC. These include Grammarly for MS Office, Grammarly for Windows, and Grammarly for Chrome. All of them function the same except for how they are accessible.

You can also check our previous Grammarly review where we have compared the free and premium versions of Grammarly.


Differences of the Grammarly Apps

Grammarly for MS Office: You can download Grammarly and install it as an add-in on MS Office Applications like Word and Outlook. If you prefer writing your documents in Word or want to ensure that your email is free from grammatical error, you can use this tool

Grammarly for Windows: Grammarly has a native app for Windows devices so you can easily access it on your desktop. So, you will use it as a standalone application, upload your file, and let Grammarly do the job.

Grammarly for Chrome: This is one of the best Grammarly’s features which allows you to add the app on your Chrome browser as an extension. Once you use the internet, (whether you write an email or post on your social media), Grammarly will work at the same time once you have enabled it.

How To Use Grammarly

Once you enabled Grammarly on MS Word and Chrome or have uploaded a document file, Grammarly will automatically detect the errors on your texts. Errors or mistakes are underlined (red line) and you can see the corrections on the right side.

You can hover to the mistakes and click on it to apply the correction. That will also display suggestions which are more appropriate to the sentence.

Grammarly also detects words that are commonly used and words that are in passive voice. If you think you do not replace that particular word or phrase, you can click the Ignore option below the suggestion.

Grammarly can check errors with spelling, punctuation, proper word usage, proper sentence/phrase construction, synonyms, and also repetitive or redundant words. It has also Plagiarism checker which is very helpful to ensure our document is original and unique.

On the left side of Grammarly for Windows, you can see the options for editing your texts. You can enable or disable the potential errors that it overlooks on your document. Also included in this section is the option for vocabulary enhancement and Plagiarism. However, some of these options are only available in a Premium account.

Grammarly is one of the best tool you can should get in case you are planning to start your own blog. And blogging can be perfect ones you have this kind of writing assistant, along with the best platforms to use for blogging.

Plans and Pricing

You can always choose to have a free account in Grammarly. But if you really want to create a flawless document (for blogs, business, legal/academic papers), you definitely need the premium one.

Here are the list of Grammarly’s plans and pricing.

Individual Subscriptions

  • Monthly — $29.95 USD/month
  • Quarterly Subscription — $19.98/month (billed as one payment of $59.95 USD)
  • Annual Subscription — $11.66/month (billed as one payment of $139.95 USD)
  • Note: Plans of more than one month are billed as one payment.

As of today, Grammarly does not offer a lifetime plan. You need to renew your subscription monthly or annually depending on the plan you’ve got. And do not forget that once you have subscribed for more than a month, you will purchase it and make a one-time payment.

In Conclusion

Are you still in doubt of how Grammarly can help you? Let me know in the comment box below your thoughts about this proofreading tool. You can also ask me questions if you want to know more before you decide on getting its premium version.

“iOS Cannot Connect to Itunes” Error Fixed

What if you are trying to download songs or movies from iTunes but suddenly you got a message that says “Cannot Connect to iTunes?” This error might disappoint and annoy you at the same time. To help you with, we included here a video that consists of the methods to fix this error. Get your iPhone and follow every single step while you are watching until the final solution.


After watching the video above, we hope that you are now able to fix the “Cannot Connect to iTunes” error that you encountered on your iOS device.

In Conclusion

If you follow the steps carefully, your iOS should now be connected to iTunes and started downloading songs and movies. If you have any questions and concerns, please drop them down inside the comment box below. We are glad to help you with whatever we can.

Paypal Safe

Is PayPal Safe To Use? Important Tips On Using PayPal Account Properly

PayPal is an online payment and money transfer service used worldwide. Anywhere that you have an internet connection, you can use PayPal anytime and anywhere. But, is PayPal safe to use?

With so many reports about identity theft and virtual money hacking scandals, it is not surprising that people are weary and a bit dodgy when it comes to the issue of online money-related transactions. So if anyone wants to use and trust PayPal for their money, are they going to be assured that they are safe?

In this article, we are going to clarify some things regarding PayPal’s online services. Is PayPal safe or not? The risk that it incorporates and the security that the company has promised to provide while using their platform.

Online Credit Card versus PayPal

If you have used your credit card for an online purchase, you are putting your credit card money at risk. And using PayPal is pretty much functioning similarly. But what makes them different?

Credit Card

  1. When you use a credit card to purchase for an item or a service, you are required to fill out forms which require all your personal information including the account numbers and pins.
  2. The information you provided is a direct access to your credit card balance. Therefore, if anyone intentionally made an effort to monitor that information you just gave out online, they can have full access to your credit card balance. And you won’t know that it is happening. And that in itself puts you at a serious risk.
  3. Your only level of security for the credit card is that account number and that pin you use to access your balance.
  4. If your credit card gets compromised, you will have to cancel that credit card and get a new one.


  1. When you use PayPal to purchase an item or a service, you are required to put in your PayPal login information. And to gain an access to your PayPal account, you will need to use the PayPal security prompt.
  2. The information you provided to access your PayPal account is a direct access to the PayPal website security page. Therefore, if anyone intentionally made an effort to gain access to your PayPal balance, that person will have to access the PayPal security page. But each access, you will have a notification sent to your email in real time.
  3. Your level of security is much better because PayPal has put up a number of security layers. So hacking the website will put any malicious entity to a difficult challenge.
  4. If your PayPal account is compromised, you can just change your password or card number. Or better yet, change your email password as well.

So is PayPal Safe?

Is PayPal safe? The answer is both yes and no. For those high calibers of hackers and thieves, there is no such thing as difficult. While PayPal is much safer than putting out your credit card number online, it is not perfect. But if you really have to have an online wallet for your online transactions, PayPal is your best bet. Whenever you will pay for anything using PayPal you will see a transaction with this number ‘402-935-7733’ on your bank statement. Now if you want to know about this more then you should check the official PayPal website for 402-935-7733.

Note: There is a very good article about PayPal money generator which you must read. This can save a lot of your money.

Tips to Safely Use PayPal

Since there is no such thing is perfectly safe, there is, on the other hand, such a thing as precautions. So to add extra security to your online transactions, you should consider these tips.

  1. Avoid using a public Wi-Fi. Most public Wi-Fi has a main server which controls all the traffic going in and about their internet access. Sadly, some of them are being used to track down all connected users’ activity. That includes the information your type online. So if anyone is snooping around the network and happens to target your activity, there is a high chance that you will be at risk.
  2. If you really must access PayPal while you are out, use your smartphone data. That way, you are the only one using your internet connection and your chance of getting hacked and compromised is much lower than that of public Wi-Fi.
  3. Keep your PayPal app up-to-date. Since there are newer threats that appear every single day, the PayPal is always making sure that their security features are not going to be compromised. So when an update is available for download, make sure to get it for your smartphone immediately.
  4. Use a dedicated computer or laptop for your financial transactions and funding methods. The more users use your PC or laptop, the higher the risk that your account could get hacked.
  5. Use a credit card as your funding source inside your PayPal account. That is because if something went wrong, you can always file a dispute. Using your bank account as a direct funding source could lead to a future problem.
  6. Be cautious and wary of URL and website links that you receive on your email. Sometimes they use those links for phishing. That is another way of snooping around your private and personal data. And if they get a hold of your PayPal login information, that could lead to a serious issue. Always click only trusted links. No exceptions.

Important Reminders

Nothing is perfect and nothing is so good that it lasts forever. That translates to the fact that you cannot put 100% trust in PayPal no matter what your reason is. So as a final advice, never put all your funding in your PayPal account. Keep it low and secured. Transfer most of your money to your bank account immediately. That is how you make PayPal safe.

If you have other helpful and useful suggestion regarding this topic, please feel free to share them in the comment section. We appreciate people giving helpful advice to other online users. Keep the internet safe by helping others know the risks.