Paypal Safe

PayPal is an online payment and money transfer service used worldwide. Anywhere that you have an internet connection, you can use PayPal anytime and anywhere. But, is PayPal safe to use?

With so many reports about identity theft and virtual money hacking scandals, it is not surprising that people are weary and a bit dodgy when it comes to the issue of online money-related transactions. So if anyone wants to use and trust PayPal for their money, are they going to be assured that they are safe?

In this article, we are going to clarify some things regarding PayPal’s online services. Is PayPal safe or not? The risk that it incorporates and the security that the company has promised to provide while using their platform.

Online Credit Card versus PayPal

If you have used your credit card for an online purchase, you are putting your credit card money at risk. And using PayPal is pretty much functioning similarly. But what makes them different?

Credit Card

  1. When you use a credit card to purchase for an item or a service, you are required to fill out forms which require all your personal information including the account numbers and pins.
  2. The information you provided is a direct access to your credit card balance. Therefore, if anyone intentionally made an effort to monitor that information you just gave out online, they can have full access to your credit card balance. And you won’t know that it is happening. And that in itself puts you at a serious risk.
  3. Your only level of security for the credit card is that account number and that pin you use to access your balance.
  4. If your credit card gets compromised, you will have to cancel that credit card and get a new one.


  1. When you use PayPal to purchase an item or a service, you are required to put in your PayPal login information. And to gain an access to your PayPal account, you will need to use the PayPal security prompt.
  2. The information you provided to access your PayPal account is a direct access to the PayPal website security page. Therefore, if anyone intentionally made an effort to gain access to your PayPal balance, that person will have to access the PayPal security page. But each access, you will have a notification sent to your email in real time.
  3. Your level of security is much better because PayPal has put up a number of security layers. So hacking the website will put any malicious entity to a difficult challenge.
  4. If your PayPal account is compromised, you can just change your password or card number. Or better yet, change your email password as well.

So is PayPal Safe?

Is PayPal safe? The answer is both yes and no. For those high calibers of hackers and thieves, there is no such thing as difficult. While PayPal is much safer than putting out your credit card number online, it is not perfect. But if you really have to have an online wallet for your online transactions, PayPal is your best bet. Whenever you will pay for anything using PayPal you will see a transaction with this number ‘402-935-7733’ on your bank statement. Now if you want to know about this more then you should check the official PayPal website for 402-935-7733.

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Tips to Safely Use PayPal

Since there is no such thing is perfectly safe, there is, on the other hand, such a thing as precautions. So to add extra security to your online transactions, you should consider these tips.

  1. Avoid using a public Wi-Fi. Most public Wi-Fi has a main server which controls all the traffic going in and about their internet access. Sadly, some of them are being used to track down all connected users’ activity. That includes the information your type online. So if anyone is snooping around the network and happens to target your activity, there is a high chance that you will be at risk.
  2. If you really must access PayPal while you are out, use your smartphone data. That way, you are the only one using your internet connection and your chance of getting hacked and compromised is much lower than that of public Wi-Fi.
  3. Keep your PayPal app up-to-date. Since there are newer threats that appear every single day, the PayPal is always making sure that their security features are not going to be compromised. So when an update is available for download, make sure to get it for your smartphone immediately.
  4. Use a dedicated computer or laptop for your financial transactions and funding methods. The more users use your PC or laptop, the higher the risk that your account could get hacked.
  5. Use a credit card as your funding source inside your PayPal account. That is because if something went wrong, you can always file a dispute. Using your bank account as a direct funding source could lead to a future problem.
  6. Be cautious and wary of URL and website links that you receive on your email. Sometimes they use those links for phishing. That is another way of snooping around your private and personal data. And if they get a hold of your PayPal login information, that could lead to a serious issue. Always click only trusted links. No exceptions.

Important Reminders

Nothing is perfect and nothing is so good that it lasts forever. That translates to the fact that you cannot put 100% trust in PayPal no matter what your reason is. So as a final advice, never put all your funding in your PayPal account. Keep it low and secured. Transfer most of your money to your bank account immediately. That is how you make PayPal safe.

If you have other helpful and useful suggestion regarding this topic, please feel free to share them in the comment section. We appreciate people giving helpful advice to other online users. Keep the internet safe by helping others know the risks.