Stratos 4 Logbook

And here you thought we were done, right?

Well, this is the logbook. Basically it's a little recap of the TV series from Mikaze's point of view. Hope you all enjoy it.

There's also now batch torrents available:

Stratos 4 Advance episodes 1-8 + Logbook: XviD & h264.

Keep in mind, those are supported on Eclipse's end for seeding, so you'll need to bug them in IRC if it's needed. :) Hope you all are having a better weekend than I am!

Posted 02 Feb 2007 by Sumiregawa-kun Comments: 3

Kanon 18

Wow, a handkerchief is a must for this episode, for a good reason. And man, Kyo-ani ROCKS! This episode is amazing!! And I want Kitagawa around me as my friend.

Posted 02 Feb 2007 by Kunio-Kun Comments: 7
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