MAR 48

You nagged for it, so here it is.

But please guys. We know you want to see more, but poking us won't make the project move any faster. It's not our rule as a team, but it's the general rule of thumb that applies to all fansub groups. And as I may have said before, patience is a virtue.

For today, enjoy the show.

Posted 25 Nov 2006 by Kunio-Kun Comments: 13

Kanon 8




Those were my reaction as I was translating. Now I challenge if anyone can hold themselves back from downloading this episode.

Posted 24 Nov 2006 by Kunio-Kun Comments: 14

Kanon 07 as scheduled

In this episode, Makoto turns into a cat just like Shampoo (Does anyone know the reference I'm making here?). And as you can see, she still likes pork buns. Makes sense why Yuuichi commented her behavior to be animalistic.



Please don't get fed up with my poor sense of humor and abandon us. m(_ _)m

Posted 17 Nov 2006 by Kunio-Kun Comments: 15

Kanon 06

The existence of Kanonese has been proven! Evidently, slight difference in the nuance creates different meaning. Witness it with your own eyes and ears!

Posted 10 Nov 2006 by Kunio-Kun Comments: 16

MAR 47

Looks like our speed bump is gone now. We are on somewhat of a steady pace release with this show now. Hope I didn't jinx anything. Enjoy a heartwarming story, everyone.

Posted 09 Nov 2006 by Kunio-Kun Comments: 3
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