Hayate no Gotoku 29

I wonder what the success rate of a marriage meeting is.  Imagine someone that keeps on failing.  How awkward would it be for that person and the parents to keep meeting different potential partner?

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Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi 07

Our nonstop sequence of release continues.  We love you all so much; we want to corrupt your brain with anime.  Forget about the real world, right? 

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Shakugan no Shanatan The Movie

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Shankugan no Shana II 2 (Zwei Zwei =p )

And one more to release today.  Who’s dancing in front of the screen? 

And dang me.  Forgot to put “II” on h264 post.

Update: Fixed title on releases. - AM

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MAR 62

A little breather from all the intense anime we’ve been giving you recently.  A very simple, no brainer MAR.  We haven’t forgotten about our MAR fans out there.    tongue

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Aye, the weekly release of Clannad going on as scheduled.  Mystery behind the ending theme shall be revealed!

p.s.  Thank you Flame060.  I would not have noticed if you hadn’t told me.  It made my day.

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Hayate no Gotoku 28

Ahh, so yeah, Hayate 28 it is.  Sorry, little tired and out of brain to be semi-creative like usual.  It’s the end of the BBT.  Have fun.

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Shakugan no Shana II !

Seems like some of you were worried that we were not picking this up, but don’t worry.  From the moment we saw CLANNAD and Shana 2 coming, we felt like it was the destiny of SS-Eclipse to do these. 

I am highly excited about this, honestly over CLANNAD.  Who is a Shanatard like me?

With 3 joints going, it’ll be super hectic, and may lead to one show lagging over others due to scheduling conflicts, but we will continue to do our best with providing you with a fast high quality releases. 

And, enjoy the show.

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