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        Dustin Watkins

I am Dustin Watkins. I am a web professional from New York City, who designs, consults, develops, speaks and writes about building high quality, accessible websites.

With 20 plus years of providing quality  service, Static subs is an IT solutions company in Dubai. It blends the experience and expertise of a dedicated team that delivers innovative solutions. We’re not just a contracted company, but we are your technology ally offering solutions to all your IT needs. We boast a rich experience in IT security, managed IT services, and facility development in Real Estate, Healthcare, and Education (including e-Learning).  Static subs has served clients across the globe by combining industry expertise and a state-of-the-art technology at competitive costs.

Many companies offer IT solutions, but only a few incorporate their clients’ business requirements and cater to their network needs. Static Subs has helped companies develop and run their growing facilities by including security assessments, infrastructure development, and managing IT services.

Seamless technology connection and security is vital for the efficient functioning of every organization. Static Subs helps at every phase of development; from consulting to network set-up and management to ongoing security and efficiency assessments. We believe in not just being an IT company but becoming a technology partner promising unparalleled operational ease.