Download Xender For PC For Lightning Fast File Transfer

download xender for pc

As a mobile user, you have probably tried using smart file transfer applications over the course of time. There are those that deliver quite well and then there are those that are not as good as advertised. But have you tried the Xender app? Well, if you have not yet tried then you are missing out on the most reliable and versatile file transfer app available today. It is available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and you can even download Xender for PC.

Download Xender For PC
Download Xender For PC

What is Xender?

Xender was originally released from China and was introduced with the name Shan Chuan back in 2012. Overseas, it took a different name to appeal to foreign mobile users and it was called Flash Transfer. In 2013, it got enough popularity globally and was supported in other languages so it changed its name to Xender.

Xender is an application used to transfer files over direct Wi-Fi. It uses a sophisticated algorithm that maximizes the speed of file transfer compared to other file transferring app available. Even today, Xender is still unparalleled when it comes to speed and reliability.

Download Xender for PC

There are two ways to download Xender for PC. One is through the use of your native browser and the other one is through an Android emulator. If you prefer the Android emulator, you can use either BlueStacks or NOX to do the job. Here is how it is done.

Download Xender For PC
Download Xender For PC

Xender on BlueStacks

  1. Go to the Bluestacks website and download the .exe files.
  2. Once done with the download, run the installer.
  3. Choose where you want your BlueStacks to be installed. If you are unsure, just choose the folder that is recommended by the installer.
  4. After the installation, launch the BlueStacks application.
  5. Before you can download from the native Google Play Store you must first log in to your Gmail account.
  6. After entering your Gmail account, open the Play Store and search for Xender application.
  7. Install and enjoy.

Xender using your browser

  1. You can use any browser for this but it is highly recommended to use the Google Chrome.
  2. Open your browser and type to get a QR code.

    Download Xender For PC
    Download Xender For PC
  3. Make sure you already have the Xender app already installed on your smartphone device.
  4. Once you do, open the Xender app and tap the “fox icon” at the top left corner of the screen.
  5. A sliding bar will appear and then tap “more”.
  6. Tap “Connect to PC”.
  7. You will get transferred to another page and then tap “SCAN”.
  8. Your PC name will appear and you can click it.
  9. A new webpage will appear in your Windows PC monitor showing the content of your smartphone.
  10. If you want to transfer from your mobile device to your PC, just click the download icon below the file (image, videos, music) and it will start downloading to your default download folder.
  11. If you want to transfer from PC to your smartphone, just do the drag-and-drop method. Drag the file that you want to be transferred to your smartphone to the webpage that shows the content of your mobile device.

Note: You may get other instructions on their official page.

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That’s how easy it is done. The fact that the file transfer is impressively fast compared to other file transferring app, it is highly recommended.

Another good file transfer and sharing app is Shareit for PC. It can be downloaded on Windows for free.

Grammarly Review 2019: Is Grammarly the Best Writing Assistant?

Grammarly Review 2019: We have tested Grammarly for a few weeks and here’s what we have to say about this online writing assistant.

Grammarly Review 2019

I’m pretty sure you have heard about Grammarly many times. From what I have heard in the past, it is said to be the best grammar checking tool you can get in the market. So we did our research to prove how great this app is.

But let me first introduce Grammarly to those who are new to this tool.

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Grammarly Review 2019

Using a Premium version of Grammarly up to now does not make me regret paying the amount. Getting a free is just fine especially if you only need basic editing. But for bloggers like me, paying is all worth it!

Grammarly is indeed the best writing tool in the world as we have compared it to other proofreading tools while writing this article. Though quite expensive, this tool deserves all your trust and loyalty.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a proofreading tool that you can access online and offline. It has free and paid versions.

Getting a premium account on Grammarly will unlock all of its features and functionalities. While using a free version, you only have access to the basic editing features of Grammarly.

There are three Grammarly apps available for PC. These include Grammarly for MS Office, Grammarly for Windows, and Grammarly for Chrome. All of them function the same except for how they are accessible.

You can also check our previous Grammarly review where we have compared the free and premium versions of Grammarly.


Differences of the Grammarly Apps

Grammarly for MS Office: You can download Grammarly and install it as an add-in on MS Office Applications like Word and Outlook. If you prefer writing your documents in Word or want to ensure that your email is free from grammatical error, you can use this tool

Grammarly for Windows: Grammarly has a native app for Windows devices so you can easily access it on your desktop. So, you will use it as a standalone application, upload your file, and let Grammarly do the job.

Grammarly for Chrome: This is one of the best Grammarly’s features which allows you to add the app on your Chrome browser as an extension. Once you use the internet, (whether you write an email or post on your social media), Grammarly will work at the same time once you have enabled it.

How To Use Grammarly

Once you enabled Grammarly on MS Word and Chrome or have uploaded a document file, Grammarly will automatically detect the errors on your texts. Errors or mistakes are underlined (red line) and you can see the corrections on the right side.

You can hover to the mistakes and click on it to apply the correction. That will also display suggestions which are more appropriate to the sentence.

Grammarly also detects words that are commonly used and words that are in passive voice. If you think you do not replace that particular word or phrase, you can click the Ignore option below the suggestion.

Grammarly can check errors with spelling, punctuation, proper word usage, proper sentence/phrase construction, synonyms, and also repetitive or redundant words. It has also Plagiarism checker which is very helpful to ensure our document is original and unique.

On the left side of Grammarly for Windows, you can see the options for editing your texts. You can enable or disable the potential errors that it overlooks on your document. Also included in this section is the option for vocabulary enhancement and Plagiarism. However, some of these options are only available in a Premium account.

Grammarly is one of the best tool you can should get in case you are planning to start your own blog. And blogging can be perfect ones you have this kind of writing assistant, along with the best platforms to use for blogging.

Plans and Pricing

You can always choose to have a free account in Grammarly. But if you really want to create a flawless document (for blogs, business, legal/academic papers), you definitely need the premium one.

Here are the list of Grammarly’s plans and pricing.

Individual Subscriptions

  • Monthly — $29.95 USD/month
  • Quarterly Subscription — $19.98/month (billed as one payment of $59.95 USD)
  • Annual Subscription — $11.66/month (billed as one payment of $139.95 USD)
  • Note: Plans of more than one month are billed as one payment.

As of today, Grammarly does not offer a lifetime plan. You need to renew your subscription monthly or annually depending on the plan you’ve got. And do not forget that once you have subscribed for more than a month, you will purchase it and make a one-time payment.

In Conclusion

Are you still in doubt of how Grammarly can help you? Let me know in the comment box below your thoughts about this proofreading tool. You can also ask me questions if you want to know more before you decide on getting its premium version.