Sado - tea ceremony

The tea ceremony originated over a thousand years ago under the strong influence of Zen Buddhism. This is the ritual of preparing and serving matcha tea, a strong green tea with an unusual and rich taste. The drink is served with traditional sweets to smooth out the bitterness. However, the use of tea in the ceremony is not the main thing, the whole process is equally important - from preparing the drink to enjoying the aftertaste. Each movement is carefully calibrated, as if in a dance. Even the seating order of the participants is taken into account. There are many rules of etiquette to keep in mind in the tea ritual. The teacher will help you understand and appreciate all the nuances.

Ikebana - the art of flower arrangement

Ikebana is a work of many parts: flowers and other plants, a vase, space. Put together, all these components create an amazing temporary composition. There are over 250 different styles of ikebana. The main ones are ikenobo, sogetsu and ohara. The ikenobo style originated earlier than the rest and depicts a natural landscape or plant. The freer style of Sogetsu originated in the 1920s. Sogetsu style ikebana takes a unique and dynamic approach to combining materials and will fit into any space. The ohara style has many different variations - from basic hana isho to hanamai, which plays with the interaction of elements in space. Department stores, restaurants, shops and even train stations are often decorated with flower arrangements.


Shodo - calligraphy


Calligraphy is common throughout Japan. Showcases, schools and exhibitions are not complete without this art form. Block, semi-cursive and cursive styles of writing characters, different shades and saturation of ink create interesting decorative effects. As with ikebana, the beauty of shodo lies in the use of space around the elements of the composition. Some calligraphy workshops are taught by English-speaking artists. If your goal is just to admire shodo, go to museums, shrines or temples. In large temples, monks spend hours drawing individual hieroglyphs or entire statements on paper. Their work can be purchased as a souvenir at reasonable prices.


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